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Text Box: We use Dunn Edwards paint. Enamel paint on windows, doors and trim.
Text Box: We specialize in complete Int.& Ext. Residential and Commercial painting.
Text Box: DESCRIPTION: EVERSHIELD? is a premium exterior acrylic flat paint specially formulated to provide maximum
Text Box: protection against UV color fade, efflorescence, water intrusion and film failure (grain crack, peeling, blistering).
Text Box: Advanced technology and premium ingredients provide unparalleled performance, long-lasting durability, exceptional
Text Box: coverage and excellent adhesion. EVERSHIELD? is recommended for use on properly prepared and primed masonry,
Text Box: concrete, tilt-up, block, stucco, plaster, wood, and metal.
Text Box: DESCRIPTION: ACRI-FLAT? is a quality acrylic flat paint that provides dependable performance, excellent color retention,
Text Box: and good grain-crack resistance for long-term exterior durability. ACRI-FLAT? is easy to apply and extremely versatile. It is
Text Box: ideally suited as a self-priming solid color stain for new or previously painted rough sawn wood (see Special
Text Box: plaster, and exterior metal.
Text Box: Instructions). ACRI-FLAT? is also designed for use on properly prepared and primed masonry, concrete, tilt-up, block, stucco,
Text Box: DESCRIPTION: PERMASHEEN? California Formula is a premium interior/exterior acrylic semi-gloss paint that
Text Box: provides superior non-blocking properties and outstanding adhesion to aged alkyd enamels. PERMASHEEN?
Text Box: California Formula is smooth flowing and forms a non-yellowing, stain resistant, washable finish, making it ideal for
Text Box: kitchen and bathroom walls, high-traffic areas, trim and doors, cabinets, window frames, and handrails.
Text Box: DESCRIPTION: ENDURACRYL? is a premium acrylic low sheen paint formulated to provide superior durability and
Text Box: color retention on a variety of exterior surfaces. ENDURACRYL? dries quickly and produces a flexible, exceptionally
Text Box: smooth finish which shields the surface from the elements that cause film failure (grain crack, peeling, blistering).
Text Box: ENDURACRYL? is recommended for use on properly prepared and primed wood trim and siding, masonry, concrete,
Text Box: block, stucco, and exterior metal.
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Text Box: INCLUDES:Pressure Washing,Stucco Repair,sanding,priming,Caulking And Window Puttying.
Text Box: Preparation 
Text Box: Interior painting includes complete wall preparation. Holes and cracks filled and sanded. Caulking where needed. Grease washed off walls. Furniture and floor protected with plastics and drop cloths. Hardware removed. Acoustic ceilings sprayed two coats in opposite directions. Walls, doors and trim done with hand tools. 
Text Box: Exterior painting includes water blasting removal of all loose, chipped or peeled old paint. Sand, patch, putty, and caulk. Repairing of all holes, cracks and chips in stucco. Priming and sealing where needed. Resetting of loose nails in wood. Removal of nails, screws, etc. at owners request. Shrubs and concrete protected by drop cloths, any other protective measures which need to be taken. Spraying where appropriate. The rest done with hand tools.