R Walls Painting

Hi Ron.... Rich and I just wanted to say thanks again for the beautiful job you did on our house.....Today when I got home from work I had 3 more emails from people who work at the Orange Unified School District Office (Handy and Katella) who "noticed" our curb side improvement and wanted your info.... One is Carole B. and she will be contacting you soon..... everything looks so nice and we really appreciate all the extra touches (lattice, bbq doors) that NOONE ever wants to do... you are the best!!!!!!  Have a good week     xoxo rich and vicki

Hi Ron.... my friend Lynn was soooooooooooooo happy with her paint job.. I was down there for dinner Sunday and it was beautiful!! Those of us with "older homes" so appreciate everything you are able to do to make them look "anit-age"!!   I was wondering if I could get that bid on the interior window trim..29 double hung windows including the garage & 2 picture windows.. thanks!! Vicki